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With over 30 years of life experiences to entertain you through "Standup Comedy-Singing" .








I started out by just being "Made in China" !!!

My first name is " Willywu "  , my last name is  " Com " , and my middle name is " Dot "

I am also known as  "Willy triple U dot Com"  (because Wu is spelled by "double U" plus "U" = U U U = "triple U" )

In English speaking countries, I'm known as WillyWu.Com !!!    In Paris, I'm known as  VoulezWu.Com  (which translated from French means, "Wu ... do You Want To Do It ?" ).


"Willywu.Com made us laugh all the way home last  night in Park City , Utah " January 2015 -- David, Michigan

"Muy muy  MUY Bueno Amigo !!! "  Enero 2015 -- Brigham,  de  Mexico

" Willywu, that was GREAT !!!!!!! "   January, 2015 --  Chris,    Salt Lake City - Utah

Hi Willy, You took a classic and made it your own, with your smooth passionate intimate tone. " -- Jane, Fort Lauderdale - Florida , February 2015.

" Not since the likes of Sinatra and Elvis has an entertainer moved and touched so many people and enhanced their lives with a song, joke, and smile. "  -  Vance Alford, Raleigh, NC - August, 2015.

" So hilarious,  very entertaining.   I like his Tagalog.  Magaling! " -  Ed Curry , Philippines , September 2015.

***  We saw Willywu.Com perform at The Purple Onion Comedy Club - San Francisco , after Willywu finished his Comedy Act , the MC asked some Ladies in the back of the Club not to do Texting on their Cell Phones because it was being very rude to the next Comic who was on stage.......... The Ladies replied, " we are just on our phones to check out the website, Willywu.Com , to see what Willywu is all about !!! " *** - Jesse W.  & Alex W. , San Francisco , October 2015.


I maybe coming to your nearest Comedy Club  soon !!      Please check this website from time to time.

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